Apple Macbook Retina (Samsung vs LG) image retention , burn in , ghosting issue

  • First of all , I am sorry for writing my post in English since my German writing is not that good.
    I am thinking about buying a macbook pro with a retina display. However after carefully reading the posts on the official apple forum and reading the news I am concerned that I might be "unlucky" and receive the problematic LG screen.

    For all that want to read more about the issue , apple official forum post (as of today , the 25.9.2012 it has 304299 Views 3,606 Replies) ,
    link : Please login to see this link.

    This issue is mentioned on several sites , including >…ing-of-image-persistence/

    Here is a youtube clip , how it looks : Please login to see this link.

    There was an official statement by apple :

    On an IPS display, when an image such as a login window is left on
    screen for a long period of time, you may temporarily see a faint
    remnant of the image even after a new image replaces it. This is
    referred to as "persistence," "image retention," or "ghosting." This is
    normal behavior for an IPS display, and the faint image will disappear
    over time.

    You can prevent image persistence by using the display sleep feature to
    turn off the display when it is not in use. You can also use a screen
    saver to make sure that a static image isn't on the display for long
    periods of time. Both of these features are on by default in Mac OS X,
    but you can adjust the settings as needed.

    Anyway I really don't want to experience this kinda of problem on a laptop with a price tag of 1900 e. I was hoping that apple fixed this since apparently it only appears on LG screens but after calling apple supports I could not get any insurance whatsoever that they fixed it.In contrary some apple employes did not not even know that apple is buying monitors from LG and Samsung while others knew what I was talking about but said that there is nothing they can do. So in the end is more like a lottery (LG or Samsung).

    I am not sure if this is the right place or the "Garantie section" to address this issue. .
    I hope that the customers who will receive their retinas the next days will share their opinion and even more important the screen manufacturer that they received.
    This is how you can check what screen you have:

    paste the following command into Terminal in order to determine the manufacturer of the displays:

    ioreg -lw0 | grep \"EDID\" | sed "/[^<]*</s///" | xxd -p -r | strings -6

    Model numbers beginning with "LP" indicate an LG display while model number beginning with "LSN" correspond to Samsung displays.

    Feel free to reply in English or German :)

  • Hi!
    I just received my rMBP. It uses a Samsung Display. Maybe this piece of information will help you through your decision process. I guess, I am among the "lucky" customers.

  • Hi!
    I just received my rMBP. It uses a Samsung Display. Maybe this piece of information will help you through your decision process. I guess, I am among the "lucky" customers.

    Which configuration you have ordered?

  • I have some updates on my new MBP (week 40).
    Today I tried out several programs that require strong performance.
    The IR got worse and from being not severe it became very disturbing! I do think that after few hours of use the IR gets worse like mentioned from several posters.

    Here is how bad the IR is on a brand new MBP

    Please login to see this picture.

    Here is a link of a picture that I used for testing:
    Please login to see this link. free%2Bdigital%2Bscrapbook%2Bpaper_black%2Band%2Bwhite%2Bstripes.jpg

    I am posting on the official apple forum under the username Mayday.ns
    If you have the same problem please send me a msg.

  • Von dem, was ich in den letzten Wochen gelesen hatte, habe ich eigentlich den Eindruck erhalten, dass dieses Problem abgestellt wurde und nur ein Problem der ersten Batches war. Dann stieß ich auf Aussagen, dass die offizielle Apple-Position dazu sei, das dies ein "normales" Verhalten eines IPS Panels sei.

    Bei 1822€ Minimum spiele ich doch kein Roulette.

    Vielleicht kann jemand vom Apple-Support das ja aufklären, aber kann ich mir sicher sein, dass ich bei einem solchen Problem Austausch/Abhilfe erwarten kann? Ich arbeite täglich bis zu 15 Stunden vor dem Bildschirm und wollte mir eigentlich was Gutes mit dem Retina Display tun.

    Wenn ich bei einem solchen Problem aber keine Abhilfe erwarten kann, dann lasse ich das mal lieber. :thumbdown:

  • Do you have any news for us about the macbook exchange?

    Yeah , the exchange laptop is a Samsung !
    I am super happy with it !!!
    I guess I was lucky on the 2nd try :)

    The laptop is "amazing"
    Good luck if you try to get one.